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We Solve Your Foundation Problems

At Copper Fox Foundation Repair, our certified team specializes in solving the unique foundation troubles facing homeowners in Central and Southern Virginia surrounding areas. We know that not every home is the same, and our team even has the experience necessary to stabilize homes that are over 100 years old.
We know firsthand that seeing foundation damage can be deeply concerning. If your home requires a foundation repair specialist, contact us as soon as possible. Our team can stop the damage from spreading and, in most cases, reverse it by using only the best equipment, methods, and system. Our foundation bracing and stabilization systems will seemingly perform miracles when shoring up even the most troubled foundation walls.

Never Ignore These Signs

  • Floors sagging or creaking
  • Cracks in your drywall
  • Doors and windows sticking or becoming impossible to close
  • Stair cracking or bowing in your foundation walls
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Our Foundation Repair Solutions

Copper Fox Foundation Repair has proven foundation repair systems to tackle your unique foundation problems. Our team is thorough and dedicated to serving you. Below are the services we can provide that will go a long way to keep your home standing long after the job is done.

Steel I-Beam Supports

Steel I-Beams are designed to be an effective, permanent solution to bowing basement walls. Placed every 5 to 6 feet, Steel I-Beams restore your basement walls’ structural integrity by acting as a brace preventing your foundation from bowing further.

Carbon Fiber Strapping

Similar to Steel I-Beam supports – except the beams are replaced by carbon fiber straps (a material created by the US Military/NASA) that are stronger than steel and weigh a fraction of a steel beam. The straps are anchored at the top and bottom and held to the wall with a water-resistant adhesive.

Helical Tie-Backs

Helical Tie-Backs are large, screw-like implements installed through the walls of your foundation, adjacent to the soil. They work by securing your wall with opposite pressure. This pressure will then cancel out the force on the other side of the wall, causing your walls to bow, called hydrostatic pressure.

Mortar Replacement

For older foundations made of concrete and mortar, mortar replacement involves chiseling open cracks and injecting sealant to provide a lasting repair for the damaged foundation. Once dried, the repair is then smoothed over for a seamless finish.

Foundation Replacement

Used in only the most severe cases, foundation replacement is a process that entails excavating the foundation, supporting your home with braces, and replacing the damage.

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Incredible Value

We provide our customers with services that will solve their problems without breaking the bank.

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Exceptional Service

We go the extra mile to ensure your questions are answered and your problems are solved efficiently

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Unwavering Integrity

Our team will never cut corners when it comes to your home. We take the time to do the job right.

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