Basement Waterproofing in lynchburg, va

Did You Find Water In Your Basement?

A wet basement is a serious problem for any homeowner in Virginia. Why? Because even a little water can erode your home’s structural integrity, and when combined with Virginia’s humidity, it can quickly turn your home into a mold breeding ground.
At Copper Fox Foundation Repair, we have just what your home needs to solve your wet basement problems. We provide Lynchburg and the surrounding area homeowners with professional basement waterproofing services such as installing interior and exterior drainage systems, sump pumps, and more. Give our basement waterproofers a call today for a free estimate, and keep your home safe and dry.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Wet Basement

  • The wooden supports and floor joists in your home will rot
  • Water combined with Virginia’s humidity will lead to mold growth
  • Belongings stored in your basement will be ruined
  • Compromised structural integrity and eventual collapse
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Our basement Waterproofing Solutions

At Copper Fox Foundation Repair, our team of certified waterproofing specialists starts from the ground up. Our solutions all begin with a free estimate when we inspect your home to pinpoint the cause of the water intrusion in your foundation. From there, we will provide a detailed plan of action to keep your home dry for years to come.

Interior Drainage System

An interior drainage system is installed around the perimeter of your basement/foundation. Think of it as a ring around your basement that collects water from where the floor meets the wall and pushes it towards a sump pump.

Exterior Drainage Systems

Water seeping into your home may be caused by excessive moisture from outside the home. Our exterior drainage systems are installed to collect and channel that moisture and move it away from your home.

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is a water pump installed into the foundation of your basement or crawl space floor. Its sole purpose is to collect and expel water build-up inside your foundation and remove it through a discharge line.

A Tailored Solution For Your Home

There are many more ways to remove and prevent water from entering your basement. Copper Fox Foundation Repair has the tools and expertise to provide you with specifically tailored basement waterproofing solutions to fit your home’s unique needs.

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